dimecres, 26 d’agost de 2009


Hi ha mites, hi ha creences que es desenvolupen entre el si del ser i el si de l'ànima.

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DooMMasteR ha dit...

Santiago i el botafumeiro! Inseparables!
Aixx, jo vull tornar!

simson11 ha dit...

I can say your painting is far from crap if these are the results you produce! I'd be more than happy with that standard of painting. Thanks also for the tip of using a dark green-gray as a highlight for black. I will try it. I find a sand/buff color useful for red highlights.

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simson11 ha dit...

Of course, I support Koenig Krieg and BAR for SYW battles ... but that's me :)
Sounds like an audacious plan you've got! I can barely see the 15's now, so I decided not to shrink to 10's though they would be really handy for me in my condition!
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yeu_yeu ha dit...

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yeu_yeu ha dit...

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simson12 ha dit...

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simson11 ha dit...

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